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We keep wide range & stock for Air Conditioning Parts for Passenger Car and Truck, Such as Air Compressor, Expansion Valve, Dryer, Evaporator...etc. About the compressor also could provide both Original and Generic model. Good Quality with Affordable Price is our concern. Please contact us for further information.

AD0202702 A.4/A.6 AIRCON COMPRESSOR 6SEU14C 6PK 1 2001 8E0260805G
AD0401702 A.3/G.O.L.F AIRCON COMPRESSOR 7V16 VQS 1997 1J0820803K
AD0401703 A.3/G.O.L.F AIRCON COMPRESSOR 7V16 VQL 1999 1J0820805
AD0901701 A.4 B7/A.6 AIRCON COMPRESSOR 6SEU14C 6P 2007 4F0260805J/8K0260805
BM0104701 E.9.0/E.8.7 2.0L PETROL AIRCON COMPRESS 2005 64526915380
BM0601701 E.9.0/E.8.7 2.0L DIESEL AIRCON COMPRESS 2005 64526987863
BM0105701 F.3.0/F.2.2 2.0/2.8L AIRCON COMPRESSOR 2010 64529330825 02
BM0105702 F.3.0/F.2.2/F.3.2 AIRCON COMPRESSOR 6SA 2013 64529299328 02
BZ0103701 W.2.1.0 AIRCON COMPRESSOR 7SBU16C 6PK 1 1996 0002302011/7011/6811
BZ0104701 W.2.0.3/W.2.1.1 AIRCON COMPRESSOR 7SEU1 2000 0002300911/000230881
BZ0302701 W.2.0.3/W.2.1.1 AIRCON COMPRESSOR 7SEU1 2000 0002305511/000230261
TY1502701 C.O.R.O.L.A PETROL AIRCON COMPRESSOR 5S 2005 88310 05090/88310 05
AD0203436 A.4/A.5/A.6 EXPANSION VALVE 2008 8K0820679A
AD0801436 Q.7 FRONT EXPANSION VALVE 2006 7L0820679C
BM0104436 E.9.0/E.8.7 EXPANSION VALVE 2005 64116934406
BZ0103436 W.2.1.0 EXPANSION VALVE 1996 2108300084
BZ0104436 W.2.1.1/W.2.0.3 EXPANSION VALVE 2002 2308300184
VW0205436 G.O.L.F 5 EXPANSION VALVE 2005 1K0820679
AD0303445 A.6/A.7/A.8 CABIN AIR FILTER 2004 4F0819439
BM0104445 E.9.0 CABIN AIR FILTER NYLON+FIBER 2005 64316946629
BM0106446 F.2.0/F.3.0 CABIN AIR FILTER CARBON 2011 64119237555
AD0202473 A.4 EVAPORATOR LHD 2003 8E1820103A
BZ0304471 W.2.0.4/W.2.1.2 EVAPORATOR RHD 2007 2048300258
BM0104410 E.9.0 PETROL CONDENSER 602x355x16 2005 64536930038/40
BZ0303402 W.2.0.3 CONDENSER DRYER (SIDE) 728x370x 2001 2035000054/203500095
BZ0303404 W.2.0.3 CONDENSER DRYER (BOTTOM) 630x37 2005 2035000854
TY0510410A H.I.L.X V.I.G.O 4.0L PETROL CONDENSER 6 2005
VW0205410 G.O.L.F 5/6 CONDENSER 580x400x16 2004 1K0820411G/H/P
VW1401410 T.I.G.A.N CONDENSER 580x450x16 2004 5N0820411C
More ranges and details are available for Your request

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